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Precision electronic testing machine base - Shandong Ji'nan.
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Jinan is the earliest testing machine R & D and production base, after decades of development, there are hundreds of production enterprises to flourish, whether from the scale of the enterprise, or from the product quality and innovation can be regarded as a leader of similar products in the country, from the inside sales gradually developed into export, from the scale of production gradually developed into products through-train service. Ji'nan Heng Electrical and mechanical products as one of the production companies have also received numerous customer trust.
Shandong Ji'nan Hengpin Electromechanical Technology Co. Ltd., referred to as Shandong Hengpin Electromechanical, specializing in the production of constant temperature and humidity box, vacuum drying oven, electrothermal constant temperature and humidity drying oven, biochemical incubator, artificial climate box, low temperature incubator, box type resistance furnace, seed aging box, dry roasted sterilizer, electric thermostatic water bath heating, constant temperature water tank. Single screen electronic tensile testing machine and screen arms electronic tensile testing machine and single microcomputer control electronic tensile testing machine, double microcomputer control electronic tensile testing machine, screen electronic universal testing machine, microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine, metal detector, ultrasonic range finder, temperature hygrometer, digital photometer, combustible gas halogen carbon monoxide detector, gas detector, detector, tachometer, photoelectric tachometer, digital noise meter, infrared Temperature measuring instrument, wind speed meter.
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