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Product details
The main use of a screen display arm electronic tensile testing machine:
The series of screen display arms electronic tensile testing machine for rubber, plastics, textile, waterproofing materials, wire and cable, wire mesh, metal wire, metal, metal plates, and material tensile test, increase attached with to do compression and bending tests. With test digital display, continuously adjustable speed test, the samples were broken, automatic shutdown, peak hold function.
Two. The function and characteristics of the electronic tensile testing machine:
1) with high precision, all digital speed control system and precision reducer, drive precision screw pair test, to achieve a wide range of test speed regulation, low noise, stable operation of the test process.
2) touch key operation mode, LCD display in real time. Display interface can display the test method selection interface, test parameters selection interface, test operation and the results show that the interface and the curve display interface, convenient and quick.
3) can achieve the speed of the beam to adjust the speed of the test specimen, with overload protection and other functions.
4) optional microcomputer interface, can be connected with the microcomputer to achieve the control of the test process and data storage, printing.
Three. The main technical indicators of the electronic tensile testing machine:
1, the maximum test force: 20KN 50KN 100KN 10KN (Ren Xuan);
2, the amount of the process: the maximum force of 2%-100%;
3, the accuracy of the test force is better than 1%
4, displacement resolution: 0.01mm;
5, displacement measurement accuracy: better than + 1%;
6, stretching stroke: 650mm (can be increased)
7, displacement speed control range: 1mm/min ~ 300mm/min
8, displacement speed control accuracy: better than + 1%;
9, testing machine level: better than 1
10, deformation error: less than (50+0.15L)
11, the size of the test machine: mm 720*500*1820
12, power supply: 220V, 50Hz
13, weight: 300KG