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Product details
One, microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine product introduction:
Microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine is widely used in rubber, plastics, geotechnical, building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, textile, home appliances and other industries material inspection analysis, the various mechanical properties of the specimen tensile, compression, bending, shear test, also there are many different kinds of configuration of test attached with, in metal, non-metallic, tests of mechanical properties of composite material and the product aspect, with a very broad application prospects, is the scientific research institutions, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, and technical supervision, commodity inspection, arbitration and other departments of the ideal test equipment.
Two, microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine main characteristics:
1, based on the platform of windows interface operation control and data processing software, the test force, test peak force, beam displacement, deformation and test curve of the screen display, all test the operation of the mouse on the computer automatically. /
2, the machine adopts high speed precision, stable performance of the digital AC servo motor speed control system and servo motor as the drive system, high precision.
3, the machine can achieve test force, deformation and displacement and other parameters of closed-loop control can achieve constant stress and constant strain, constant displacement control mode and all kinds of control modes can smooth handoff.
4, the machine completely meet the requirements of the national standard, and can be based on GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and the user to provide a variety of standards for testing and data processing, and has a good scalability.
Three, microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine main technical indicators:
Maximum test force: 20KN 50KN 100KN 10KN (Ren Xuan);
Measuring range: 2% to 100% of maximum test force
Test machine accuracy level: 1
Accuracy of the test force: better than the value of 1%
Beam displacement measurement: the resolution is 0.01mm
Deformation accuracy: better than + 1%
Adjustable speed range: 0.01-500mm/min
Test space: 600mm
Main machine type: portal frame structure
Main machine size: 720 * 500 * 1820
Weight: 500Kg