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Product details
HP-MFY-01 sealing tester for food, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, daily chemical, automotive, electronic components, stationery and other industries of packaging bags, bottles, cans, cans, boxes and other sealing test. Seal performance test of the test piece can be carried out after the drop and pressure test.
Special sign
Steady and rapid formation of vacuum experimental environment
Digital preset test vacuum and vacuum holding time
Microcomputer integrated circuit control, the experimental process of the program, automation
High quality system components, stable performance
Testing principle
Through the vacuum chamber vacuum, soaked in water sample a pressure difference between the inside and outside, the specimens were observed in the escape of the gas, in order to determine the specimen seal performance; through the vacuum chamber vacuum, the specimen to produce pressure difference between the inside and outside, the specimens were observed swelling and release of the vacuum shape of specimen after recovery, in order to determine the specimen seal performance.
Technical index
True degree: 0 ~ -90kPa
Precision: 1
The vacuum chamber effective size: diameter 270mm * 210 mm (H) (standard)
360mm * 585 mm (H) (optional)
460mm * 330 mm (H) (optional)
Note: other sizes can be customized.
Gas source pressure: 0.7MPa (gas source user owned)
Air interface: 6mm diameter polyurethane tubing
External dimensions: 300mm (L) * 380mm (B) * 450mm (H)
Power source: 220V 50Hz AC
Net weight: 12kg
GB/T 15171, ASTM D3078 note: the air interface system with 6mm source user owned polyurethane tube;