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Product details
This product in accordance with the provisions of the GB4852 design manufacture, suitable for various adhesive products of initial adhesion test, such as pressure sensitive adhesive tape, a medical patch, self-adhesive labels, protective film
Adhesive tape initial adhesion testing machine is mainly composed of inclined plate, ball release, bracket, adjustable horizontal base and steel ball and so on. Through the ball and the pressure-sensitive adhesive with viscous samples with small pressure brief contact adhesive tape adhesion to the steel ball tack sample to test the cant ball method. Specific operation method is to stick face up, placed obliquely 30 degrees test plate, steel ball is taken from the maximum number, in accordance with the order to free recorded glued to the specimen for more than 5 seconds the ball number.
Main technical parameters of adhesive tape initial adhesion tester:
Ball: stainless steel
Tilt angle: 20-60 degrees (adjustable)
Ball size: 1/32 -1"
Inclined plate: thickness 5mm glass
Help runway: length 100mm Length
Exterior dimension: (L * W * H) 380 * 150 * 250 mm
Weight: 12kg
Test conditions of adhesive tape initial adhesion tester:
(1) the test room temperature is 23 + 2 C, the relative humidity is 65 + 5%.
(2) sample preparation, adhesive tape packaging materials should be removed, do not overlap each other in (1) the conditions placed above 2h.
Sample preparation:
The specimen width for 10 ~ 80mm, about 250 mm in length, after removing the outer most 3 ~ 5 laps adhesive tape, at a speed of about 300mm / min unlock roll type adhesive belt (the sheet product is at the same rate exposing to the isolation layer), every 200mm cut from a sample, take four to
On. Sampling is not allowed when the hand or other objects in contact with the test section of the test section.
When the tensile deformation of the sample is larger, it is allowed to have no more than 3 min of the parking time, so that it can be recovered.
Test method for adhesive tape initial adhesion tester:
1, the largest pre selected steel ball
(1) film gently put the ball, the ball was rolling down the stuck in the test period (whether stop moving more than 5S below). From large to small ball, the ball number for different appropriate tests, until the test section can stick the biggest ball ball.
(2) to take the maximum ball and ball number and the size of the size of the two balls, in the same sample to carry out a test, to confirm the maximum size of the ball.
2, formal test
Take 3 samples, with the largest ball ball the first ball test. If a specimen could not stick the ball, can change with the ball, only less than the ball for a test, if you still can not stick to, be by 7.1.4 to 7.3 re testing.