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The difference between hydraulic universal testing machine and electronic universal testing machine
Add time:2016-03-27 Views:5344
Hydraulic universal testing machine is suitable for metal and nonmetal materials, parts, components and parts of tensile, compression and bending mechanical function experiment. Hydraulic universal testing machine is an ideal equipment for the industrial and mining enterprises, building materials, quality inspection center, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, bridge engineering, research institutes and universities mechanics laboratory. Manual adjustment of the hydraulic universal material testing machine, the price of cheap products, suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, single material inspection target test.
Hydraulic servo universal testing machine, it is applicable to the higher requirements of steel, building materials, testing laboratory. Simply from the price, more than 30 tons of hydraulic servo universal material testing machine relative to the electronic universal material testing machine, there is a price advantage.
Electronic universal testing machine is universally applicable in all kinds of metal, nonmetal, composite materials, medicine, food, timber, copper, aluminum, plastic profile, wire and cable, paper, film, rubber, textile, aerospace and other industries stretching function target test, can also be based on user supplied domestic and international norms custom all kinds of experimental data processing software and the auxiliary equipment.
Digital electronic universal testing machine is suitable for stress, tensile strength, compressive strength and other related data users. As demand for more complex parameters, electronic universal material testing machine is a better choice