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Edible oil ring strength testing machine in Shandong Ji'nan Hengpin Advent
Add time:2016-03-27 Views:5152
As we all know, plastic edible oil in daily life to make use of the very popular. However, each one of us may have encountered such embarrassing, drums Griphook unlocked the problem, sometimes effort anyway all pull not open, snap ring, oil did not open; sometimes easy to pull hard drive, but due to overexert, splashing covered in oil. How can just right is easily opened and does not splash oil and sealing to ensure a good oil quality, the answer is the need for special test equipment to detect Griphook strength. However, the market only universal tensile testing machine, can not meet the need.
Market demand is the Shandong Jinan Heng goods responsibility, constant product company by taking advantage of their technology, investment in research and development, after nearly six months of scientific research, and finally in the recently successful launch of edible oil can pull strength test machine.
The edible oil ring strength testing machine absorbs the original maturity of the tensile testing machine, electrical and mechanical technology, in recent years, with the latest technology, showing the most advanced edible oil drum ring strength testing machine, the machine adopts large screen LCD display, menu interface, PVC panel; microcomputer intelligent control, with data retention, power and memory; limit position protection, overload protection, automatic back intelligent configuration.
The edible oil ring strength testing machine is mainly used for edible oil bottles, cans and other daily with Griphook packaging container pull strength test. Suitable for various kinds of peanut oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, and other vegetable oils company, soy sauce, vinegar, rice wine, beverage, herbal tea, fruit juice, etc. food companies and a variety of belt ring packing container factory, scientific research institutions, quality inspection units.
As a professional brand of testing machine industry, constant product know only follow the pace of market development, continue to learn advanced technology and experience, improve their ability to innovate, continuously improve the science and technology content of products to more meet production enterprises, more business users are welcome.
Believe that the launch of the food testing machine can quickly pull strength favored by the market.